To apply for housing, please click the link below to download the application form. When complete please return the completed form in person, together with a letter from your employer and a copy of your ID.
Housing Application Form


A lack of affordable housing throughout the Bow Valley is a social and economic issue that affects individuals and business alike.  When basic needs are not met, such as, shelter, safety and security, the livelihood of our entire community is compromised.

The YWCA of Banff has recognized the urgent need for affordable housing in Banff and is determined to be part of the housing solution by committing to providing safe and affordable housing to low income residents and entry level workers.  Entry level workers are the backbone of our community, which is why the YWCA of Banff is dedicated to providing affordable housing for these hard working individuals.

roomIn total the YWCA of Banff provides 90 permanent housing units (both one-person and two-person rooms), which house 120 people.  The YWCA of Banff also offers a women’s only floor, which houses up to 11 women.  All housing units provide a secure bedroom, private or shared bathrooms, and shared common facilities such as, kitchens, lounges, and television rooms.

Permanent Housing Criteria

kitchenApplicants must be employed in Banff to qualify and are approved by the Housing Manager.  Applications will be accepted prior to employment, however, only those applicants who have secured employment are eligible for available rooms.

Seasonally, the YWCA may offer housing applicants who are employed a reduced rate in our Banff Y Mountain Lodge while waiting for permanent private rooms to become available. Due to high demands for safe and affordable housing, wait times for housing vary throughout the year.

To apply complete the Online Application Form here

For more information regarding housing at the YWCA of Banff, please contact :
Accommodations Service Manager : kasia@ywcabanff.ab.ca
Ph: (403) 760-3225

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