How You Can Help

When the community as a whole stands up for a reduction in violence, lives are saved.  When we commit to programming that helps reduce family violence, residents living and working in the community improve their ability to cultivate healthy interpersonal relationships.  This improves intimate relationships with adults and increases the safety and security of children in the community.  Furthermore, when we help reduce family violence through our programs there is great potential to reduce bullying and aggressive behaviour that children, coming from an unstable home environment, can demonstrate.  Individuals with healthy relationship and communication skills will have the ability to foster healthy working relationships in business environments.  Ultimately, anti-violence programming and support has the potential to positively impact every community member and helps to build a stronger and healthier community.

The YWCA of Banff is committed to helping reduce the statistics that surround domestic violence and affordable housing in the Bow Valley.  Both domestic violence and lack of affordable housing are social and economic issues that affect everyone in our community.  Say no to domestic violence.  You can help.  

Call 403-760-3200 for more information.

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