Our Mission

The Mission of the YWCA of Banff is empowering women and their communities through leadership, advocacy, and provision of meaningful services.  In pursuit of this mission we focus on nurturing the following values:

Compassion  We are caring, respectful, and client focused-we recognize the humanness and uniqueness of every individual, listening to, and valuing the differences of opinion in a non-judgmental way, and supporting each person’s right to have a voice and the freedom to be heard.

Integrity  We are trustworthy and transparent as individuals and as an organization. We are committed to doing what we say we will do, and balancing our programs and services in order to meet the needs of the individual and the community.

Ethical Practice  We are professional in our work internally and externally, providing security and confidentiality in our interactions.  We focus our resources to achieve our goals in a sustainable and accountable way.

Leadership  We are innovators in service development and delivery, welcoming to others in dealing positively in a changing world.

Cooperation  We are connected to the community, and committed to learning and working meaningfully together to empower women and their communities.

In pursuit of this mission, with our values as guides, we will focus on the following results:

  • Women will have the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to direct their own lives
  • Women will make informed and healthy choices
  • Industry workers will make informed and healthy choices
  • Women and children will be free from violence
  • Industry workers and travelers will have safe, affordable and comfortable accommodation
  • The community has greater awareness about women’s issues

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