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The YWCA of Banff is committed to the rights and dignity of women and children in our society. Our continuum of services are based on best practice protocols which focus on safety and well-being, coordinated and multidisciplinary community response, service quality and services based on the diversity of all individuals.

We provide facilitation and access to Bow Valley Women’s Emergency Shelter or an alternative safe place for women and children experiencing family violence. Contact us at 403 760-3200.

For individuals or families who have experienced family violence; for individuals dealing with recovery from emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Contact us at 403 760-3200.

For couples seeking to improve their relationship, or to provide support around relationships at risk;  men and women’s Healthy Relationship group programs.
Contact us at 403 760-3200.

For those needing support and access to services; income support; low cost or no cost help with basic needs; food bank; mental health referrals; addiction referrals; and landlord and tenant forms. Contact us at 403 760-3200.

Join today! Call us now to register: 403 760-3200.

This is a conference for girls in grades 4, 5 and 6 from Banff, Canmore and Exshaw.
It is offered once a year in the fall, for one full day. This program is about health and well-being. The purpose of the conference is to promote positive self-esteem and to connect with others.

On Oct 18th, the YWCA hosted 20 girls for a day of yoga, drumming and crafts focused on self-worth and healthy relationship building. Power of Being a Girl runs during the YWCA Week Without Violence.
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Each year during the third week of October, Canadians bond with people in over 90 countries around the world to mark YWCA’s Week Without Violence, a week-long series of community events promoting diverse approaches to creating a violence-free world. More than 17,000 people in schools, workplaces and neighbourhood organizations throughout Canada recognize this annual violence prevention initiative aimed at making violence a thing of the past.

This year between Oct 6-16th, we will be holding two lunch time events with the Girl’s Lunch Club at the Banff Elementary School to discuss ideas about creating a world without violence and using music to promote a violence free world.
Topics will include:
-          What is the purpose of WWV
-          How do you imagine a world without violence
-          What could be done to create a world without violence
-          What could you do?
-          What is the role of music you listen to in creating a safer world
-          What music do you like and why
-          Do lyrics in music matter and why
-          How can we use music to promote a world without violence
-          Choosing a group project to promote a world without violence

The group project will be focused on expressing their ideas for a violence-free world i.e. posters, poetry, writing a song, recording a positive message, doing a dance to a positive song and so on.

Throughout the week of Oct 13-19th we will also be promoting the #NoXcuses campaign on our Social Media.

At Banff Elementary, Lawrence Grassi and Exshaw Schools. The goal of the group is to enhance girls’ abilities to take full advantage of their talents, academic interests, career pursuits, and potential for healthy relationship.

ROE is a classroom program that aims to reduce the levels of aggression and violence among school children, while raising social competence and empathy. The YWCA facilitates these Grade 1 programs in partnership with FCSS at the Banff Elementary School.

Community Helpers is a two and a half day youth suicide prevention program.
Offered by the Town of Banff and supported by the YWCA, the program covers a wide variety of topics such as addiction, mental health, suicide intervention, as well as relationships, violence and abuse.

CAREER AND LIFE MANAGEMENTHigh School Student Workshops
Career and Life Management (CALM) is a component of the high school health education program in Alberta. The YWCA provides presentations promoting healthy relationships. The aim of CALM is to enable students to make well-informed decisions in all aspects of their lives, as well as develop behaviours and attitudes that contribute to society. The course is typically attended in grade 10 or 11, and successful completion is required for high school graduation in Alberta.


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