YWCA of Banff

Everyone – including you – deserves a life free from violence and homelessness. Many people right here in our Bow Valley community lack both safety and shelter. The YWCA of Banff is a local charity that serves the whole of the Bow Valley. We believe every person has a right to freedom from violence and homelessness, and we work diligently to meet these goals.

For nearly 100 years, the organization has been providing resources for women and their children fleeing family violence and access to SAFE affordable housing for low income residents. The work of the YWCA of Banff saves lives.

The YWCA of Banff assists women and their families fleeing domestic violence by providing safe resources. The organization also works diligently to prevent family violence through programs like Healthy Relationship Group Program for Men and Women, Girls Circle, Boys Council, Lady Beware, Week Without Violence, Red Rose Button Campaign, The Local Lowdown, International Womens Day and the Mentoring Luncheon. In addition to this, the YWCA of Banff provides relationship and supportive counseling.

The YWCA of Banff has permanent, affordable housing rooms to serve both genders living in the Bow Valley community. The organization also provides immediate poverty relief through emergency accommodation, food, and clothing.

Program funding comes from revenue of the Banff Y Mountain Lodge, fund-raising events, and grants from community sponsors.

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